Our Beloved Country and the Debt we now Share

This is an article posted in the Pharos Tribune, Logansport, IN by my cousin Joe Bowyer. He is so direct and to the punch on what our country has done to us.

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Here is Joe’s article:



I used to know the people of the United States, friendly people, people who would give a hand if you needed it. My Dad was one of those to a fault. He probably did more work for nothing to help people than the work he got paid for. He had friends though. I hated to go places with him because he was always stopping on the sidewalk to talk or stopping to see how someone was doing. I remember one thing though. I got permission to go on a lot of property to squirrel hunt because I was “Ivan Bowyer’s Boy.”

I still know a lot of people like Dad, but the vast majority of them are gone. Whatever happened to them? Wouldn’t you like to have those people back? I remember walking barefoot down dusty roads with Dad and it seemed that everyone who passed would stop and “have a word” with him. Most of those close friendships are gone to the detriment of all of us.

We are in a deep recession and the drought we are having this year is going to worsen it. At a time when we are going to need each other more than at any time since WWII, we have been divided by the politicians who would sell and have sold our country down the river, because being in office means more to them than having a strong, vibrant United States.

I am of the opinion that we are facing the same type of riots we are seeing in Greece for all of the same reasons, and the unlimited immigration that is sacking England will also sack us. This is all coming about for the benefit of one of our political parties. They are trying to build a voting bloc that will keep them in power, and the expense to the citizens of the United States will be felt for years in the future, and how about the campaign being run.

“It’s been going around that Romney hasn’t paid taxes for ten years” says Harry Reed. Of course it was a lie that he himself started. “If he has paid them, let him prove it,” says Harry and Pelosi and others. Is this what we have come to in what used to be a just country? Accuse a man of anything, (which is an outrage) and instead of him being innocent until proven otherwise, the voices from the liars who accused in the first place and the insinuations of a dishonest media demand he cough up information that is no ones business all because they want the have-nots they support to know Romney is rich. The truth is they are all rich. No politician leaves Washington poor. They have privileges to make them rich that they don’t allow the taxpayer to have. Of course they never talk about that.

If all of the politicians were to tell the taxpayers what really goes on in the capitol of our fair country, the citizens would undoubtedly take their guns in hand, go to Washington as a body, and put those pillars of authority on a slow boat to China or some such place.

Our country as we know it is in mortal danger. Anyone who says it can be fixed easily is either a liar or a fool. We are going to have to work together in a way we have forgotten how to do. If we are living strictly on welfare, we are going to have to take a cut. The tax code is going to have to be changed. The loopholes are going to have to be closed. Everyone is going to have to help. The tax the rich saw won’t cut it, and the Democrats need to admit it, and if I hear the words “tax break for the rich” one more time, I’m going to barf all over my computer.

The time for honesty and working together is here. Being tattooed from head to toe and wearing rings in your ears won’t help you. Demonstrating in the streets won’t help you. Telling lies about one another won’t help you. Inflation because of our mammoth debt is beginning to show. It’s just the tip of the iceberg so far. Wait until this drought starts to show up in the grocery store. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Our country is at a crossroad. The politicians by their handouts and vote buying have run us into a debt that is out of control, and still they are ignoring it. It has really become the 1000 lb. monster in the living room. Forget global warming and cap and trade. This is a monster that may quite likely inhale your savings, your job, your home, and your livelihood. We will soon have a debt we won’t even be able to service the interest on. Does that tell you anything about those running the store?

Wake up America!!! Your government is bankrupting your country. There will be hell to pay not if but when that happens. I hope you are prepared to take care of yourself when it does, because your government will no longer be able to help you.

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