How Much To invest in a Bank vs. Your Home-Based Business

The following chart shows the percentage of interest being paid by the financial institutions and the amount of money you need to invest to generate the monthly amount that meets your needs. The following shows a 2% interest rate:

Income Per Month                         Amount Needed in the Bank
$200                                                      $120,000
$600                                                      $362,000
$800                                                      $480,000
$1,000                                                   $600,000
$2,000                                                $1,200,000
$4,000                                                $2,400,000
$5,000                                                $3,000,000
$10,000                                              $6,000,000

We have a system whereby you can go back to school a few hours per week to learn how to do it, get involved, and secure your financial security at whatever level you wish to work for. We know if you’ll learn our system you could be financially independent in 1-3 years at better than $50,000 per year. How many college graduates go into debt for their education to get a good job, yet are not able to be financially independent in 1-3 years after graduation at $50,000 per year? I personally don’t know any job, except a home-based business, that can give you this opportunity. If you would like to take advantage of this contact the person that referred you to this website.

I’ve borrowed most of the above material from Don Failla’s book “The 45 second presentation”.
This material is closely in line with many (but not all) home-based businesses. I believe ours is obviously the best, not just because of the 70+% payout, but the because of the ethics that is placed in our business.

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