We all have 24 hours in a day!

I have heard this a hundred times.  From the richest to the poorest person.  From the wisest to the not so wise person.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  But when the end of the day draws to a close, what did you do with those 24 hours?  Did you:

  1. Sleep-6 to 8 hours
  2. Work-the main job for about 8 hours
  3. Play-T.V., Xbox, Playstation,
  4. Worship-10-15 minutes
  5. Read-30 minutes
  6. Shower, shave, make-up….-30 minutes
  7. Eat-1 to 2 hours

I know the meaning of leveraging your time.  After all I am a dentist.  I have dental assistants and dental hygienist that I utilize to get more production for my time at the office.  But, am I really leveraging my time.  If I didn’t go to work tomorrow…. WHO will be there to do my part!!  Can I “clone” myself?  Wouldn’t that be sweet!  I could have a bunch of me running all over the place.

Okay… that’s not possible.  But is it?

Yes it is possible.  This is how those “wealthy” people get it done.  They leverage their time.  This is possible for those that want to change their way of working and their way of thinking!

All you have to do is ASK and it will be shown.  No it ain’t free and no it ain’t simple, but “worth it”….. you bet!!  Or just continue to work, work, work the same as you have always done and maybe you will get those “raises” to beat inflation!  Not!

Take a chance….ASK

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